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Force9 Call of Duty Server Online!

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Registered: 08-06-2007

Force9 Call of Duty Server Online!

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that we now have a Call of Duty server up and running and ready for public use Smiley

For those of you that don't know, Call of Duty is the latest fps offering from Activision and Infinity ward and is a world war two game similar to Medal of Honour - and has been very highly rated thus far. Personally I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

The server is currently 20 players and runs the search and destroy gametype. It is available on the following details:

The server is also available through all good server browsers such All Seeing Eye and Gamespy with the name pA'-Pseudo Amity *public* sponsored by (pA' is the clan that looks after our moh servers but under a new name). Please note that this replaces the objective based Medal of Honour game as this is not used very much these days.

As this game is very new I am not exactly sure of the optimum settings so would welcome any feedback (good or bad) either here or by e-mail to


Force9 Call of Duty Server Online!

I'm a huge fan of COD, so this news is excellent!

However, although search and destory is a popular game type, Team deathmatch is just as popular. It is possible to rotate between game types so maybe that could be implemented?

When i have a free hour i will jump right in and test the server out and provide some more feedback.

Great news! Cheesy

Force9 Call of Duty Server Online!

it's empty, maybe i'm not on at the right time...