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Force9 C&C Renegade Server Launch


Force9 C&C Renegade Server Launch

As you may know already, we have been setting up a C&C Renegade server. We did have one up and running a while ago but due to some hardware problems had to take it offline again.

Well, after rebuilding and reinstalling the server it is now back up and running - although it is still really in the testing phase.

The server is online now and available to play on through GameSpy - called "PlusNet Test Server". If you want to know the server address it is or

What we really need now is feedback from you on how it plays this time (as we don't own enough legitimate copies of the game to stress test it ourselves). So please give it a go and let us know how it goes either here in this forum or to the contact e-mail address which is shown in message of the day when you join the server.

We look forward to your feedback (and possibly owning you).


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RE: Force9 C&C Renegade Server Launch

>I don't think anyone actually plays Renegade.
prove me wrong, personally i think its poop on ya shoe.