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Final fantasy xi


Final fantasy xi

Whats this game like as its coming to the xbox 360. And i wud like a mmorpg for a console

from what i heard stay away

i really wanted to play that game, as i am a big FF fan. but i did some research and ask some friends that have(or well now had) the game and they said to stay clear. some of the reasons are listed below:

1) you have to pay a monthly fee (i think you have to pay an extra one of the xbox)
2) you can only have one character to have another one you need to pay more
3) you storyline is very rubbish for any FF game
4) world of warcraft is better or even guild wars which is what i am playing cause being a student i can not afford monthly online bills.

there were like a load more but i can't remember then. sorry. although if i had the money i might have at least played cause it is a FF game. lol