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EA Servers


EA Servers

Just something to bear in mind for BF2 players

Knife only, or Pistol only. OR Knife and Pistol only servers

They do exist out there, DONT go on them, they are totally against EA server rules and you will find your points reset

EA in assoication with Rules of Engagement 1.8 prohibit
pistol only servers under the basis they are stat padding mechanisms

1.8 Players may not use or exploit game mechanisms to artificially boost
their score ("stats padding") and Server administrators may not knowingly
allow or encourage this activity on their servers.

This would include but not limited to:
a.. § Knife-Pistol-Revive
b.. § Knife-Pistol only Servers
c.. § Knife only Servers
d.. § High Points Servers
e.. § Infantry only Servers
f.. § No Artillery or Armour Servers
g.. § Using Vehicles removed from battlefield for purposes of artificially
inflating points
h.. § Turning boats upside down and repairing
i.. § Glitching inside buildings.
j.. § Modifying game files for vehicles and weapons.
k.. § Items not included in this list would be up to EA & DICE to