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EA Games VS Firewalls


EA Games VS Firewalls

C&C Generals + Zero Hour, and Battle for Middle Earth just don't want to play ball with my router.

The NAT is of course at the router (Netgear DG834G, latest firmware), so i can't refresh it in the game menu. Disabling the firewall wont even let me connect. I have tried dropping myself on the dmz, opening up the recommended ports.

Anyone had similiar issues with playing ea RTS games online?

Generals gets to the lobby screen but I cannot connect to a game. Myself and friend can't even log into the BFME lobby. Two of my other friends can connect, 1 of them has the same router as me, and the other has plusnet but on a linksys router (very nice btw!).

Is there something I should be doing? Everything is patched I run NO software firewalls or antivirus software. (I don't get viruses Wink).

Is this just shitty EA? BF2142 works fine as do many other games. Does Gamespy Arcade (if it is still around) provide a better service for playing EA games?
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EA Games VS Firewalls


You router as default should work with all games. The default firewall rule is to allow all outgoing connections and block all incoming connections. This means you can connect to a gaming server with no problems and recieve traffic back from it. On the other hand if a hack probes your firewall from the internet they get dropped instantly. So you should not need to open any ports.

If it works fine for your friend on plusnet then it should work for you. Do you have any software firewalls or antivirus software etc that are blocking your connection ? It could also be an in game option that is stopping you.