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Does Steam count as ftp?


Does Steam count as ftp?

Not sure if this should go in the gaming forum or the internet one, its a topic which kind of straddles both, I think.

I'm on a Broadband Plus account, which I know is not considered suitable for file transfer usage (and any attempt at ftp usage on Broadband Plus will be extremely slow, as I understand it). I've been playing Counterstrike 1.5 recently, which doesn't require Valve's infamous Steam update and verification system, but I'm considering moving on to 1.6, which is Steam based. However if Steam's auto-update feature is treated as a ftp by PlusNet, I'm guessing that I will be more or less unable to receive updates, the process will simply take too long to be practical.

Does anybody have experience or knowledge of this?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Does Steam count as ftp?


BB+ is fine for FTP

Does Steam count as ftp?

ok iv got a question, iv just signed upto bb+ and im wondering will that be ok for average online gaming and internet?
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Does Steam count as ftp?

yes no problems. steam works fine for me too and i have almost all the games linked into it.

All the Battlefield games, CoD and EVE all work fine for me. Helps to have a good router and not relying on USB modems. They can sometimes draw too much power from your ports, rendering other USB peripherals having issues, or the USB modem itself having 'brownouts' (moment lapses in pwer/connection). 500mA is usually the maz the USB ports can offer, which is the amount most USB modems use. Can also be caused with poor or out of date motherboard/chipset drivers.

Best to have a router or PCI internel ADSL modem. I currently use a Netgear DG834 (non-wireless) router, with the latest firmware.

Also check your exchange, its possible the root of some issues -