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Day Of Defeat players?


Day Of Defeat players?

MUCH prefer this to Counterstrike. Anyone else play?

Day Of Defeat players?

O yes, I sure do think it beets CS hands down

Day Of Defeat players?

I prefer day of defeat to counter-strike

but counter strike source has been getting more attention that day of defeat source.

Perhaps when there are more maps and stuff things will change, but until then Counter-Strike source is the one for me.

This is coming from someone who played Day of Defeat exclusively from version 2.1... a long time ago Smiley

Day Of Defeat players?

Hey yeahh, i've just started up a clan with some mates, bought a server tonight,

Iso clan server

Website :

Just trying to start up a community Smiley hopefully you guys will drop by sometime!

Day Of Defeat players?

Im a member of Band of Beavers they are not a Clan but are very good
i have been playing on their servers for awhile and are or seem to be the
fastest i have seen.

32 Players Band-Of-Beavers -64bit [DoD 1.3]

32 Players Band-Of-Beavers -64bit [DoD:Source]

32 Players Band-Of-Beavers -64bit [DoD:Source] Server 2

All on ultra high performance 64 bit hardware, with Linux 64 bit OS's

Our GSP's are the best in Europe, providing high spec equipment housed in the finest high tech datacentres.

None of the equipment is overloaded, and run at a high 333 FPS for maximum bullet registration.

We host all our custom content ourselves, using the downloadurl method, using fast 100 Mbit data transfer.
We only choose the better maps for our map rotations, which are changed constantly to avoid monotony.

I play BFE aswell which stands for battle fore europe they are a Tournament which is for fun, we have people from all over the world play, from clans to new gamers. I think its good and they use a beta modified bfemod as well.