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DNS connection problem on PS2.Can anyone help?

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Registered: 24-08-2007

DNS connection problem on PS2.Can anyone help?

Hello there

I have been trying to connect my playstation 2 to play online games since morning without luck. I have just bought a modem/router (bt voyager 205) and am unable to connect using it.
I continually get the errror message DNS test failed on part 2 of the diagnostics test. I have manually tried to set up the connection using the DNS 1 and DNS 2 provided by by plusnet but they don't work.

I have read the tutorials regarding ps2 connection/trouble shooting on both PN and and i still can't workout the problem

Any help to resolve this problem will be greatly appreciated.

[Moderator's note by Mark (pcsni): Accidental duplicate post removed and title changed from all caps as it is considered shouting and rude]

xbox dns server problem

im having the same problem connecting to xbox live. it worked for about a week though then stopped one day and says the dns servers are unreachable same thing when i do it manually.

DNS connection problem on PS2.Can anyone help?

@ kratos you may need to set up a DMZ of ur PS2's IP as that may be the only way with the router you're using

@ simpleton what router r u using? I had the same problems, and i had to create rules on my router to allow it to accept the access from the xbox. try going to and select your router and xboxlive and it should give you a guide on setting it up