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Counter Strike Help


Counter Strike Help

Hi, i've had half life a long time, even before i got broadband. Recently i downloaded the counter strike mod for it. I have searched all through the manual and cannot find anywhere where it tells you how to join a plusnet server using IP addresses.

Also, when loadin counter strike and trying to play about with it myself, i clicked a link called "find servers". When searched, it found 100s of servers, but when trying to connect it does'nt let me connect to any of them. It just shows the "connecting" screen with the progress bar which just stays blank until i click cancel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance!!

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Counter Strike Help

Hi Saqib,

First of all, make sure that you have the latest patches installed. The two servers we have run on 1.5 for one and 1.6 for the other. Our download location is down at the moment so you will have to get them from somewhere else. For the majority of the patches I would go to and for the 1.6 patch go to

For connecting to games (and this applies to any game, not just counterstrike) I would recomend something like All Seeing Eye or Game Spy. Theses are server browers and will list loads of active servers as well as the number of players / gametype etc. They also allow you to add favorites by IP address (personally I would recomend ASE as there is less advertising in the unregistered version.