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Connection Failed with other users


Connection Failed with other users

I can connect to all my mates except the one who is also using

if a friend on a cable connection hosts a game, we can both connect but cannot talk using the communicator. the host can hear both of us though!

I can see the user on the server running around, but not hear him.

if i start a server my mate on cable can connect but my mate on gets connection failed.

the same happens to me if he hosts a game, but there are no problems for the cable user at all.

are there some ports that i need to open on my router?

this is very frustrating
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Connection Failed with other users

I presume you're using xbox because you mention communicator?

If you're both using a router, ideally it should be uPnP compliant. That way, the xbox can open and close any tcp/ip ports it needs dynamically.

One way to get around it is to set your xbox's ip as the DMZ server in your router config. That way any ports that haven't been forwarded elsewhere will be forwarded to the xbox, effectively placing it directly on the net.

Since each game requires different ports this is the best way of doing it.

Hope this helps

Connection Failed with other users

Shockedops: Ahhh yes, maybe mentioning the xbox part may have been useful :lol:

Connection Failed with other users

I realise this is a late reply but just incase anyone has this problem. It is caused by a router conflict as in you are both using a router. Solution is either a different router that has the xbox live compatible sticker on or plug direct into your modem. if its a usb modem then plug direct into your pc using internet connection sharing. intsructions how found on the xbox website

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