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Clan Sponsorship - Digital killerZ | UK CS


Clan Sponsorship - Digital killerZ | UK CS

Good Afternoon Guys.

About 3 years ago i had the idea of creating a counterstrike clan. Its was a good idea but never really took off due to bad planning and lack of support, and ended up falling flat on its face.

However at the start of 2003 i decided to make use of the superior tools provided by plusnet to create my own community/clan, this time i meant business though and it has indeed took off and is growing day by day. We are now recieving around 300 - 500 hits per day and have had 69358 page views since the start of the year. We have 103 members and our member base is growing each day, attracting gamers from around the world. My clan - Digital killerZ | UK are now 78th in clanbase out of 400 and moving upwards fast, we will soon be splitting into 2 teams and joining more leagues to cater for our growing numbers. The only thing our clan lacks is some kind of sponsorship, we understand that in order to become a solid UK clan that sponsorship is needed and is beneficial to both the sponsor AND the sponsored. I obviously do not wish for anything special, and we dont need much as a clan as we already have all we need, eg: our own site / dedicated server / IRC room etc etc, But if you are a company and would like to advertise to a gaming community - then i think we both have something to offer each other.

- If you are interested in sponsoring Digital killerZ | UK then please send an email to and we can discuss it further.

Thanks for your time !
Idle and Perform @ #dkz^ on Quakenet
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