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Cheating in online console games


Cheating in online console games

I'm a PC gamer at heart but i'm sick to death of hearing about aimbots, wallhacks e.t.c being used in online games. I'm just wondering if any of this goes on in the console online gaming world ? if not my online gaming might just change direction..
*thinks of Xbox 360*
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Cheating in online console games

Yes it does go on but its no where near as bad. Most cheating is based around glitches in the game code. However once youve got yourself a good friends list you can play good games without any cheating.

Have a look on the Halo web site as threse a section on the Zanzibar forum all about cheating and stoping it. Halo has suffered from Standby glitchers, people who's modem has a button that puts it into standby briefly so allowing them to capture a flag etc without you seeing it.

Microsoft activly look for chipped consoles and once detected they gat banned, this happens as soon as youconnect.

I've played since XBL beta and have had very few experiences of cheating.

Cheating in online console games

There are some cheats in most online games but unlike PC games:

1) They are normally less major and harder to do than PC cheats as its way harder to modify source code or even saves on consoles.

2) The manufacturer will create a required patch that fixes it - Halo 2 has had a couple.

3) There tends to be less technical skills amoungst console players

I'm just waiting for a decent XBox MMORPG to be made....

Cheating in online console games

my son has given up with XBL now, but when he was on, the standby cheat was definatley the worst, he used to bring his console downstairs and play the games whilst I was playing the PC games, and these guys that were cheating, it was CHRONIC, almost every game he went into, so he just give it up

Cheating in online console games

I've personally found very few people use the standyby cheat, because it is not that easy to acheive - it can lead to the person doing it being dropped or themselves lagging so badly that they cant play properly. It only works if the person activating the standby is also the the peer-to-peer master, and in a 16 player game you only have a 1 in 16 chance, unless you are specifically hosting a custom game.

If you had persistent lag problems it is more likely to be a problem with your connection. We all encounter lag occasionally, but if you get it every game you need to check:

*ADSL Filters all in place
*Anyone else using the connection - if you download emails while the same connection is being used it WILL lag
*Specific times of day
*Specific people he is playing with - someone in the party may be lagging

Also, some games are far worse than others, with lag making some unplayable online while barely affecting others.

Cheating in online console games

Never really had a problem. Halo 2 has a thing about Superjumping in certain levels, but thats more of a glitch than a hack, plus the Banhammer has been put in force which instantly bans people with any modded content. Previous to that, I must have only seen one person who had superspeed, superjump, autoaim hacks.

Halo 2 has been a JOY recently. Especially thanks to the new maps and the new gametypes (although I avoid Team Snipers like the PLAGUE ... I don't DO accuracy). Although now, I'm in ISP transit and waiting for my new PC, so nothing going on at all.