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Call of Duty 2 and stuttering...


Call of Duty 2 and stuttering...

Usually you would associate this with the graphics card (all drivers up to date on a Radeon x600). However, no change in settings has suddenly caused stuttering over the past few days. Have completed full anti-virus, ad-ware and spy-ware checks. Still get stuttering (frames per second drop from about 130 to 40 inexplicably every few seconds).

I am on a Belkin wireless connection (firmware up-to-date), but the antenna is literally six inches from the router (thin wall in the way).

I've tried looking at CPU usage but there's nothing going on there.

The only thing I can think of left is 1) My router but 2), and more likely, the ISP.

Anyone experiencing similar problems or have any advice?

Call of Duty 2 and stuttering...

Does this occurr on multiplayer or single player campaigns? Or both?
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Call of Duty 2 and stuttering...

Sounds like your are trying to play multiplayer via a wireless connection. Now i can only speak from my only experience, and that is wireless is fine for some light web surfing and emailing, but not much good for anything else, even if you have GT capble kit @ 108Mbps, the packets cannot be sent and received quick enough for games, same reason why serious gamers do not use wireless keyboard/mice -- they have slow response. My Logitech Mx18 has a very fast response and designed to so.

Try if possible to use a good Cat5/6 LAN cable and link directly to the Belkin router, before shutting off AntiVirus (or better yet have it set not to scan any of your gaming directories) and ensuring you have v1.3 of COD2.

This may help you narrow the issue more.