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CS:SOURCE - server list


CS:SOURCE - server list

Can anyone please help.

I've recently connected to BB+ and am using a SOLWISE adsl router for my connection.

I am running Steam/Counter Strike source and have obviously opened up all ports on my router, as it says on the steampowered website.

The gaming side of it, I have no complaints, my latency is good and I don't experience any trouble in game.

The problem I have is that when first opening CS:Source, when you refresh your server list, every server I try to connect to just opens up a Server Info box and won't let me connect. I literally have to double click about a hundred servers before I connect to one.

Now, my friend who lives about 5 minutes away, is on PlusNet broadband premier and he is also using a router, similar to mine.

He has no problems and his whole game works a treat.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is, is it steam or the connection or my router etc etc.

Thank you.

CS:SOURCE - server list

Its more than likely to be a Steam related issue, for 99% of problems with steam deletion of the clientregisty.blob file is usually the solution.

ClientRegistry.blob (folder location: \Valve\Steam)

Shut Steam down completely
Remove the above stated file
Restart Steam
Steam will start a small update (this is due to the file deletion)

Then hopefully your problem will be resolved, as I said it works for 99% of problems encountered in Steam so the best of luck to ya Smiley

CS:SOURCE - server list

I had this problem a while back. It started after I installed some new anti-virus software and firewall. I never did end up fixing it from within the program but I knew it was this software that was causing the problem. ( All was fine before installation Cheesy) After I uninstalled the software I started using the windows firewall and this quickly fixed the problem. Also sometimes after Steam updates, Valve reccomends that you re-add Steam and CS etc to your firewall permissions. Hope some of that helps like it did me Smiley

CS:SOURCE - server list

Hi guys,

Thanks for you input. I will try the above when I get home tonight.

Just to add to ford16's point, windows firewall is set to off on my machine, as I'm using a 4-port router. As I say, I have opened all ports on my router, but will try as you say, re-adding steam allowed ports again.

I used to use ZoneAlarm and that made Steam lag, so I switched that off and used Windows FW, but I've since re-built my mahcine and am solely using the router without widnows fw, zone alarm or even the built in router firewall.

Hmmm, I'm a little confused now, but will give the tips above a go later. Hopefully it'll just be a case of deleting that file mentioned, and then re-adding the ports steam uses.