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C&C Generals Causing Internet To Go Down!?!?!


C&C Generals Causing Internet To Go Down!?!?!

Alright Guys,

I've had PlusNet for about 2 years now and have nothing but praise for them. Im running a 1mb HomeBusiness connection, and im having very annoying problems with C&C Generals...

...Before i went travelling last year i was playing Generals on the connection with no problems at all, so i know it can work!

The Problem: I can log onto and browse through the servers...but only for a limited time, before my internet simply stops working and i have to reset the modem Sad If i get into a game before the Net stops, it works fine and i can play on that game for an unlimited time, but while browsing the servers it seems to simply stop the internet.

Its such a bizzare problem, and im hoping that someone knows how to fix it, because im starting to get really frustrated! The same happens on all PC's through the house, so it must be a Router problem, rather than a PC problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!