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Battlenet connection problems


Battlenet connection problems

Does anyone know how to get a sar110 router to work correctly with Battlenet i.e. Starcraft Warcraft etc. The game port is 6112 which appears to be open as I can telnet into it. I can also connect to battlenet and join a game. From there it goes terribly wrong. The lag is awful and I get dropped from the game within a few seconds although I remain connected to battlenet. I don't have this problem with the 56K dialup so I suppose it has something to do with the router which is connected directly to my PC. Any help much appreciated.
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Battlenet connection problems

Hi there,

If you can join a game and start playing then this is nothing to do with port forwarding on the router - and there is nothing else that you can really change. From browsing around it looks like you do not have to configure your router at all to play the games (warcraft 3 in this case), only to host games where you need to forward port 6112.

Do you experience the problem connecting to all servers or only some. Also, you may want to traceroute to servers to try and find out where the bottleneck is.

It is also worth noting that these games use UDP rather than TCP/IP to transfer data. Because UDP contains no error checking this is often the first thing to go if there is too much noise on your line or bad filtering. A good way to tell if this is the problem is whether or not you experience DNS problems at all on your connection (as this also uses the UDP protocol).