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Battlefield 2 ranking


Battlefield 2 ranking

I have just ranked up to Master Sergeant and just realised to become First Sergeant I will need basic knife and basic pistol which is 7 kills with each I think.

Just wondering how easy or hard it has been for others to get these...when playing I get a few kills with them but I always worry about my stats as when I first started I was pretty crap and just started to get good stats dont really want to loose em.

Any advices would be cool many thanks Cheesy

Battlefield 2 ranking

hiya m8y

i would advise going on a busy city map
like karkland with 300 tickets that is 64 man and nearly full
and no planes and helos to worry about!!
to help you along be medic class
the pistol one is easyer but you can pick off 7 knife kills
if you got a good commander picking out the snipers for you
or if you can hide on one of there spawn points and pick em
off one at a time (sneaky), 7 knifes you just got just go for it
slowly go up behind them but save you sprint till last minute
if possible then run like mad
your stats may suffer for a day but they will soon come back

wait till you want your expert now that is hard

and stay away from the pistol and knife only servers EA are
watching them

hope the above helps
bit tired from the late night gaming so sorry if above seems
aload of blurb

happy fragging

Rob Cool

Battlefield 2 ranking

Yeah thats cool thanks will try it out when i get back from work c yaa around Cheesy