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Battlefield 1942 running on the Network


Battlefield 1942 running on the Network


Been a while since our last posting so I thought Id drop a note about our exciting new service.

Up until recently, (hosted on's network) was ONLY geared up for Counter-Strike.

Whilst we wait for 1.6 and Condition Zero to be released we have decided to go full steam into the exciting new game from EA Games.

Battlefield 1942 has to be seen to be believed, if you havent seen the game, grab the demo off the EA website ( ).

We have a couple of 32 player servers running:

Believe me, having a account sure does give you the edge when it comes to the connection and ping Wink

At the moment our webby is still geared up for CS but if we continue to see the interest we have already seen, it could well become a dedicated BF1942 service, has CS had its day?

Hope to see you soon, have a merry xmas and a top new year!