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Battlefield 1942 Server


Battlefield 1942 Server

Having been converted to Battlefield 1942 a few months ago a fellow player and I formed a clan as a joke . Well it seems the joke has backfired and now we have 25 members . Boy did that take of fast .
We are called the 1st Hussars Mechanised (Melchetts Marauders) and if you ever visit our website you will see that we have a very strong Blackadder theme amongst us . We are a non league or clan based group who play for the fun of it , although we organise a Big Bash every 4-6 weeks (40 players last time ) .
Well back to the item at hand .
That sort of sums it up . The 1st Hussars are looking to rent a dedicated BF1942 server for ourselves .
Can help out ??
As mentioned , we have 25 active players screaming out for a home of their own .

Please feel free to visit our website or visit us on the forums , we have a our own Hussars Public forum there for the usual spam and chit chat . The Hussars recruitment is closed at the moment as we are still in our infancy** (**see ... snowed under in what we are already coping with )

Can you offer us a home ?

[1stHssr]Maj. Flasheart
Co-Commander 1st Hussars
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Registered: 30-07-2007

RE: Battlefield 1942 Server

Haven't ever seen a Plusnet rented server.

Most seem to be Barrysworld, BlueYonder and Jolt.

And maybe Gamesdomain, but I'm not sure.


RE: Battlefield 1942 Server

That's why I thought I would ask . As is my ADSL provider , I thought that there was now harm in seeing if they could do it .