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BF2 Ranked Server?


BF2 Ranked Server?

Lo guys - Im almost the newest plusnet on the block - the account activates on the 27th !!!

My question: Do we have a plusnet Ranked server? I really want to get the ping down to minimal levels Smiley

BF2 Ranked Server?

nope, pn werent allowed one, EA said they would promote cheating or something.,...

step in whoever said summat to me about it!!!
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BF2 Ranked Server?

I'm running the Plusnet BF2 server. Like robynfali says my request for the server to be added to the EA Official Partner list so it could be ranked was rejected. Apparently only Multiplay UK can be trusted. What EA are really doing is forcing everyone to use one supplier for ranked servers so they can keep the prices at a ridiculous £155 a month for a 64 player server.

The server itself pings around 23ms for me.

Anyhow come along and see what you think;

Server Name = Plus.Net :: TNGC BF2 Server
IP =
Port = 16567