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BF: Vietnam v1.01 Patch Released


BF: Vietnam v1.01 Patch Released

Hey guys,

The v1.01 client and server patches were both released on the 22nd May, so I've gone ahead and patched the PlusNet server. This means that if you want to play on there, you're going to need to grab the 16.6mb client patch.

You can find out more about the patch on the BattleField Central site, or on the EA Site.

Below is a list of as many mirrors as I could find for the patch - enjoy!

  • PlusNet Files (HTTP - PlusNet Customers Only)
  • EA FTP (FTP - No Login Required)
  • FileShack (HTTP - Login Required)
  • FilePlanet (HTTP - Login Required)
  • 3dGamers (HTTP - No Login Required - Worldwide Peers)
  • 3dGamers (BitTorrent - No Login Required - Worldwide Peers)
  • Kosmo's (HTTP - No Login Required)
  • Suprnova (BitTorrent - No Login Required - Worldwide Peers)

Remember, the PlusNet BF:1942 and BF:Vietnam servers are running 24/7, and are open to anyone (not just PlusNet customers), so feel free to drop in any time: - BF:Vietnam Server (All Map Rotation) - BF:1942 Server (1942 / DC Map Rotation)

Hope to see some more of you guys on there soon!


BF: Vietnam v1.01 Patch Released


anyone else play Vietnam here, maybe get a game going or something

all we need is a time/date to meet up?

BF: Vietnam v1.01 Patch Released

I'm working on a plan with a few major BattleField-related sites to try and get the servers filling up. You might want to check them out over the next few weeks, though you may not be able to get a place (if all goes to plan) Wink

BF: Vietnam v1.01 Patch Released

***What*** as PlusNet Customers we don't get automatic preference.....noooo neeedddd Wink

thats it then I'm taking my game back to the shop and sticking to mshearts Wink Wink Wink

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BF: Vietnam v1.01 Patch Released

To be honest, I would like to assign a few places to PlusNet customers, considering the servers are owned by PlusNet. A feature I hope they'll include in future patches is reserved spaces. I could reserve say 5 out of the 40 places, and post the password for them here.

But like I said, that's all in the future Smiley
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BF: Vietnam v1.01 Patch Released

This file is also available in the file repository for PlusNet customers only now ... here Cool


BF: Vietnam v1.01 Patch Released

as of august i havent seen any1 on ur server i put it in my favourites on ase but theres no1 there perhaps u should advertise it more (vietnam) would gladly use it to kick fellow pluses asses lol :lol: :lol: :lol: