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BF 2 server admin


BF 2 server admin

hiya peeps
just after a little info into doing admin on a BF2 server

been doing admin on cs and css for a few years now
via rcon and hlsw

we just got a BF2 server running and never done it b4 on them
questions are
how you do it
and is there something like hlsw for BF 2

many thanks

Rob Cool
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Registered: 26-06-2007

BF 2 server admin

In the BF2 readme it covers how to use the rcon feature. However it mostly useless for all but the basic functions. Really would have expected a more comprehensive admin tool included with the game :roll:

I've found BF2CC which is pretty good.. when it works. Its still an early version so pretty buggy unfortunately. Worth keeping an eye on it though as they appear to be continually working on it.

What BF2 server you the admin? I'm having terrible problems with keeping the server full due to it being unranked and the Linux server problems.

BF 2 server admin

thanks for the info will check it out

the server is a of shoot of a CS:S clan called Nemesis
we called it Genesis

the server ip's are on the web site above (still working on it thou)
we have supplied a server to efrag so they host all our games,
at the moment they playing with the ip's so they could soon change

think a few peeps are struggling to get peeps on the server thou
the ranked ones always seem busy

might have to look into that one!!

well happy fragging maybe our path will cross one day

thx again for info

Rob (Ice) Cool