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Any chance of DOD?


Any chance of DOD?

Hi PlusNet people, I was just wondering if there was any chance of you guys hosting a Day Of Defeat server? As you may know this is one of the fastest growing mod around and many people are playing it over counter strike.

RE: Any chance of DOD?

Listen to the man he knows what he is talking about!
DoD is possibly one of the best online experiences i have had in along time, much to girlfriends disgust (seeing as she thinks i play it more than i see her...hum could be some truth in that)
It sure beats the ***** out of CS! Alot more tactical, a hell of alot more team play and the maps are just blinding!
I highly reccomend plus net get on the case and release a DoD server, belive me they won`t regret it!
If anybodys up for a game by the way, give me a shout. Im often kicking ass on the jolt servers....just look out for skribble!