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Any Planetsiders in here?!?


Any Planetsiders in here?!?

Anyone else a player of Planetside...was an avid player about a year or two back and since I got resigned up with BB i've taken up my rifle again Cheesy

For those who don't know, it's a MMORPG combined with a FPS...probably the best online game around today, requires much more skill than your average half life, CoD, ET type games and is much more fun as well.

Average battles are from 50-300 on each side...multiplied by 3 factions, that's about 900 people per battle and it's immense!

So...anyone else a player here?!?

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Any Planetsiders in here?!?

PlanetSide is probably the best game I've ever played. I played it solidly for 20 months or so before leaving just before Christmas. Last week I resubscribed and have played a few sessions. Mostly cosmetic changes since I last played.
I'm playing again with my Outfit I created 2 years ago. I see so many people have left the game. There appears to be a lot of people who are subscribing for the odd month then leaving again. Shame really as this game is all about lots of players battling it out. The game population is stable right now but it would rock to get back to the original level of players with multiple 500 player battles going on.
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Any Planetsiders in here?!?

My brother used to play it lots, and loved it, but he got fedup and stopped bacause there were apparently too many cheating fools in it! Sad

Cheats die!!! :twisted:

I hope they have secured and patched it up for you guys who still play! Wink
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Any Planetsiders in here?!?

I played planetside for a while when it first came out, unfortunately it was too good and took up so much of my missus nearly left me Smiley

Any Planetsiders in here?!?

Sweet...nice to see a few others enjoying this amazing game...what are your in game alias's...I currently have 2...they are

PhunkEBabe (a bit of role reversal, LMAO)

I did have an old TR character at BR20, but couldn't be bothered to revive him, half the fun of this game is building up the battle ranks!

In regards to cheating, I don't think there ever were any cheats...just people who knew how to exploit the game mechanics...such as surging with the jackhammer...I remember getting so frustrated with those guys!

One thing that lets it down for me now is the sheer amount of BFR's floating about...makes battles really hard if you like to play as a grunt!