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An appeal


An appeal

I am an active member of the jumpgate comunity. Just over 1 year ago one of the games GM's (gamesmaster) was diagnosed as having colon cancer. Because of the part of the country that he stays in, his local NHS would not supply him with the drugs to save his life as they are verry expensive, so he ended up selling everything that he had to try and raise the cash to pay for the drugs, in the end he has ended up with nothing and still does not have enough cash to pay for them. That is when we in the jumpgate community heard about this and started to raise the rest of the cash, now some time on we have nearly raised enough but not quite, so the company (mightygames) that hosts the game in europe has put up 3 lifetime accounts for the game to try and help raise the final funds that are needed to save this mans life. They are being auctioned off with the three highest bids getting an account each, if by any chance you are interested in making a bid or even if you would like to make a donation or perhaps you just want find out more about this then head over to.

The bidding ends next tuesday at 12.00 CET thats 11 a.m. here in the uk.

If you would like to find out about the game then head over to.

It has a 10 day free trial if you would like to try it out.


RE: An appeal

Just thought i would update this as the auction finnished yesterday.
There was a good response to this and in the end raised 1922.874 EUROS we had a target of 2000 so we got pretty close to it. Along with some other fund raising we should reach the goal plus some extra cash which we should be able to buy his kids some pressies for christmas but atleast we will have givin them the best one they could hope for, the treatment to cure their fathers cancer.