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ASUS SL6000 and ps2 online problems


ASUS SL6000 and ps2 online problems


I have a Asus SL6000 ADSL Router/modem and have real difficulty getting online with the ps2.

I have input all the manual configs, ip, netmask and dns settings which work ok on my pc.

When I run the network diags sometimes it will pass o.k and other times fails the dns test.

I can connect to SSX3 thru the EA login etc and see other users etc but cannot join a game or play one.

I would like to know which ports the playstation needs to use on the firewall as standard. I know the individual games use different ports but I will check with EA etc for those.

Has anyone else had any probs with this router? I also have a Solwise 715pv to use if this is better!!

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance..


p.s my ADSL connection rapid so no probs there.