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fttc to fttp

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fttc to fttp

so what are bt's plans after this stage?
are they going to upgrade fttc to fttp at some point?
if so what is the timescale?
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: fttc to fttp

Current plan is to roll fibre out to 67% of the country by 2015, that is expected to work out as around 75% FTTC and 25% FTTP although different areas may have more or less and some areas on enabled exchanges won't get either. For the areas they've done so far which have had FTTC they will look at infilling some of the missed areas with FTTP and the same for Bradwell Abbey and Highams Park, they'll look if they can infill any areas with FTTC. The infill is unlikely to start before 2012. The current plans say that no area will get both FTTC and FTTP. Theoretically they can increase the speed of FTTC, we have a very high proportion of lines sync'd at the full 40Mbps speed and a couple of the engineers have said that some of the lines they've done could go faster if Openreach allowed it so I think we'll see FTTC get faster as the rollout progresses (the same thing happened with ADSL) but whether FTTC will be "upgraded" to FTTP, no idea, I think it's more likely they'll push the FTTC technology towards the limits first.
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