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When will my cabinet be FTTP enabled

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When will my cabinet be FTTP enabled

My Cabinet is only 150 meters from my ground floor flat. I am a PlusNet customer with Unlimited Fibre Extra. I have checked my line via the BT ADSL Checker, and that tells me only FTTC, nothing there for FTTP!

When or how can I get the ball rolling to get my cabinet FTTP enabled?

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Re: When will my cabinet be FTTP enabled


It is highly unlikely within say the next 10 years that FTTP would be made available on an FTTC cabinet.


Because you already have speeds in excess of the Government minimum of 10Mbps. Efforts are been made to help those below 10Mbps to get a decent speed first. There is only so much money and man power available to do the work.

Your cabinet made by set up for FTTPoD (FTTP on Demand) in the nearer future but that product is not on the Plusnet trial. It is (when available) only offered by a few business suppliers on a 3yr contract with very high monthly costs £300+  and installation costs running in the £1000's.

If you want to improve your lot then you would need to form a local pressure group and get involved with your local council as it is all about political pressure to get improvements locally. My local group has been running for over 10 years and is still fighting to get promised coverage across the whole area (not just parts of it as of now).

Alternatively you could try Virgin Media's campaign to "Cable My Street" as they have changed tack and are currently going full FTTP on new installs under this scheme called Project Lightening. This is in areas which do not currently have a VM install nearby. If VM is nearby then the infill areas may still be coax cable.


Edit: to add Virgin Media

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Re: When will my cabinet be FTTP enabled

For more bandwidth, you could either get a second FTTC line, or wait perhaps a couple of years for to arrive at your cabinet.

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Re: When will my cabinet be FTTP enabled


Thank you for the info in your reply, very helpfull!

I checked Virgin Media website. It seems my community area is chosen for development. I will have to contact Virgin to see if there is any dates known