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Using Linksys WAG320N instead of netgear router

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Registered: ‎06-12-2010

Using Linksys WAG320N instead of netgear router

I am about to be activated tomorrow on the trial and was wondering if i coudl use my existing modem router. I checked out the settings and i can use LAN port 1 as a WAN. Does this mean I can connect direct to the BT point or do i still have to hook up the netgear router and use the Linksys one to extend the network around the house and boost the wireless signal.
Also - anyone have any views so far on the plusnet issued Netgear router?
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Re: Using Linksys WAG320N instead of netgear router

As far as I understand any router must support PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) as you will have to enter your PlusNet login details in the router somewhere in order to connect via the Openreach modem. If your Linksys supports this then you will be able to.
I am currently waiting for the powers to be at Openrach to intall my cabinet. They have laid the fibre runs throughout town and are intalling the green cabs but have not quite got this far yet!  My exchange (NDASF) has an RFS date for 31-12-10....  Can't wait as am fed up with 750k ADSL2+ super skinny latte band connection.... Grin  When I am up and running I intend to use the Netgear WNDR3700 as it is wireless N, supports PPPoE, and has gigabit ethernet which will enable me to make full use of my network attached storage!  Does anyone have any comments/feedback on this router?