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Upgrading Router to Netgear

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Upgrading Router to Netgear


I'm trying to upgrade from the Plusnet router supplied when I got FTTP. There have got to be better versions around now. So taking advice form the helpline at broadbandbuyer I went for a Netgear.

I have just received my second Netgear AX4 router and it just will not detect the internet connection. The first one was sent back under Netgear's own instruction to broadbandbuyer who have replaced it. But the replacement is just the same.

Is there something inherently different with FTTP equipment that makes this router not connect?

And the white BT box on the wall is a modem, isn't it? There isn't some other piece of equipment around that I've never heard of that is used just because it's FTTP?

Any suggestions appreciated as trying to get knowledgeable assistance from businesses is driving me nuts.


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Re: Upgrading Router to Netgear

@astrotutor  looking at the manual for the router, it should work.

And the white BT box on the wall is a modem, isn't it? It is

Assuming the autodetect doesnt work, try the 'Manually setup the internet connection' instructions.

You need the 'specify an internet connection that uses a login' on page 24.

Encapsulation - PPPoE

Username - <accountname>

Password - the one you use to access the member centre

Service name - not needed

Connection mode - always on

IP address - get dynamically from ISP

DNS - get dynamically from ISP

MAC address - use default

Hopefully that should get you working...

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Re: Upgrading Router to Netgear

Without wanting to teach you how to suck eggs, just a check you’re using the WAN (yellow) port on the router to connect to the modem (ONT)?