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Trial: why existing customers only?

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Trial: why existing customers only?


I moved last year to a new-built block with FTTP already installed. I'm eligible to BT Infinity, but given their prices and previous experience with BT, I have no intention of signing up with them. So i'd very much like to be on the PlusNet FTTP trial. However, our exchange is not ADSL enabled (and probably will never be), so it's impossible for me to sign up to PN broadband as a new customer and then move to the FTTP trial.

So my question is: why limit the trial to existing customers and not accept direct subscriptions on the trial? In my case, our flat is already equipped with an Openreach Fiber modem, so activation should really be straightforward.

If this is not possible, any idea when the FTTP service will be made a public offering?


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Re: Trial: why existing customers only?

Seems to be that Plusnet don't want to train up more staff to deal with, what is in terms of the entire country, a niche product. And previously staff have said there is no intention currently to stop trialing and make FTTP a product in it's own right.