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Synchronous FTTP

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Synchronous FTTP

Will OpenReach ever change FTTP to a synchronous system for domestic connections for all speeds?


Since the start of the pandemic there are more TV interviews with people (experts, politicians, etc.) from their homes. The quality of the connection can range from very good to poor. Is this down to the upload speed?


I don't know when PN started to offer FTTP to existing customers but Paul Ockenden has written an interesting article in PCPro magazine about his move from PN to Zen so he could get FTTP. He chose the Zen 900/100 service simply for the upload speed he required.


If emphasis was placed on upload speeds more may be done.


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Re: Synchronous FTTP

@FlossyThePig  You mean equal upload and download speeds which would be described as symmetric. On Openreach FTTP which Plusnet supply you will not get it, the GPON network is biased towards high download and much lower upload speeds such as less than 10% on the 900Mbps service. Whether this will change in future who knows but it will probably be many years away.