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Speed drop

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Speed drop

My speed is supposed to be 80/20 and all of a sudden whilst upload remains at 20 the download is crippled at 3mbps and below.

On the attached image those are line speeds tested by the router rather than device speed over WiFi.

Can a ticket be raised please?
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Community Gaffer
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Re: Speed drop

Thanks for getting in touch @gavcuk Our tests aren't showing any issues with your FTTP service, but then again when testing FTTP the tests generally only tell us if the service is working or isn't as FTTP doesn't have any sync or line speeds.

The speed profile on your account looks to have dropped in error to around 6mbps so I've nudged this back up to the highest it goes at 78mbps however as you've not got a static IP this shouldn't be limiting your speeds.

Having said that, can you reboot your router then retest your speeds? If they're still slow, we'd need you to confirm you've tried a wired connection and are experiencing speed problems across 2 or more devices. 

If that's the case, I'd head on over to to report a fault to us so we can arrange an engineer.

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