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Speed change?

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Speed change?

I've seen a couple of places saying that from August 1st Plusnet will be offering uptp 52MB, but nothing on Plusnet's own site... Is it happening?

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Re: Speed change?


It's been discussed elsewhere in the forum. Customers who are on the 40/20 variant of the Fibre service are being moved to 55/10. 

The changes will only affect customers on the 40/20 product.

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Re: Speed change?

I've got the 10 but not the 55, I'm underwhelmed

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Re: Speed change?

Hi @djmills, welcome to the community forums.


Here's what I've said on this matter elsewhere.

HarryB wrote:

As a few of you have already discovered and advised here, unfortunately the change from 40/20 to 55/10 is not something our advisors over the phone or web chat are able to help with.

Although it is currently not worth calling/web chatting to chase this issue up, we are aware of this and we are currently looking in to this to correct the change to 55/10.

I do appreciate the affected people bringing this to our attention and I've made a note of your accounts to pass on to the relevant people so try and find a pattern of people that are now seeing 40/10 as opposed to 55/10 as they should.

I would kindly request that people do not call/web chat to chase up why their speeds appear to have changed to 40/10 and not 55/10 as expected, however please do continue to let us know here or by PMing me your username so I can pass as many examples on as possible to help further investigations.


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