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Should I stay or go?

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Should I stay or go?

Hi all,
I have a 60Mbps FTTP Plus Net connection, been with them a few years. On the whole happy with the service. I would like to increase the speed with PlusNet or move to an alternative supplier that will give me more speed.
1. Can PlusNet increase my FTTP speed?
2. PlusNet don't seem to charge me for a landline, other suppliers want me to pay line rental for FTTP and get a phone number?? about an extra £10 a month. What's this all about?

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Re: Should I stay or go?


Currently you cannot change your PlusNet package as the "bodges" used to set you up on the FTTP Trial are no longer available. I'm on the 40/10 package so couldn't move to 80/20 even if I wanted to.


Having said that you should be getting close to 78 down as there are no distance limitations on FTTP. Are you using a wired or WiFi connection to check.


There are reasonable grounds for believing PlusNet plan to offer commercial FTTP later this year along with a new router but until there's an offical announcement who knows.


PlusNet used to offer internet only packages but changed to combined phone/internet a while back. As no phone is required for FTTP PlusNet were happy to discontinue phone lines but have a £3.50 monthly internet only surcharge,. I was actually on BT phone / PlusNet internet when I changed to FTTP so simply cancelled my phone packkage.



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Re: Should I stay or go?



BT don't require you to take a voice line.  When on their website just ensure the slider "Get broadband without a landline" is off. Adding a landline service only increases the monthly price by £5 for those that do anyway.

Zen also offer a data only service as do many others (such as EE) if you look at their sites closely. 

Some of the other big names do want you to take a landline though. Even if they use VOIP to provide it. But the choice is there really.


Ex - Plusnet Customer (2009 - 2023) now with BT