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Problems with Fibre Transfer (FTTP) from Plusnet to BT

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Problems with Fibre Transfer (FTTP) from Plusnet to BT

Having spoke to BT today to enquire if they can transfer my service over to them from Plusnet as BT can offer higher Mbps. I am being advised by BT they cannot transfer me over as my line is active, the BT agent advised me to speak to Plusnet and get them to disconnect the broadband only not the phone line (as I want to keep my original number), spoke to Plusnet they advise cannot disconnect just the broadband as they do not offer a phone only service. Not only this but they need two weeks notice for a disconnection even though my contract ends on the 18th September. I will be charged out of contract rates (pro-rata) for the period between the 18th and the actual disconnection date. I need to keep my current phone number as we are in contact with health professionals and the emergency services due to having a severely disabled son, the landline is the number they call as its the most clear and doesn't lose signal. So what do I do now. Well as BT say one thing and Plusnet say another then I am going to let them sort it out between themselves. Email sent to Andy Baker and Philip Jansen to see if they can help me resolve this what might seem to be an insignificant issue..!!


Dear Mr Baker and Mr Jansen,
I feel that this is the only way I can get anybody at Plusnet or BT to possibly listen to me regarding the small and insignificant problem I am facing.
I contacted BT about taking over the transfer of my Fibre Broadband, I was advised by a team member that unfortunately they could not transfer my broadband as it was showing as active with another supplier i.e. Plusnet.
My contract with Plusnet is ending on 18th September
I am leaving Plusnet as they can only offer 75Mbps and BT can offer 330 Mbps and I am looking for a better deal
I initially wanted BT to take over both my phone and my broadband as it is imperative that I keep my old phone number due to us having a lot of communication from health professionals regarding our severely disabled son Llew,
The BT agent did offer a solution as follows:-
1. Speak to Plusnet - (one of the more complex things to do I was waiting on the phone for over thirty minutes and still did not get through so I had several e-chats all of which where a waste of time)
2. Ask Plusnet to arrange for your broadband to be disconnected - (an agent advised that I would have to give two weeks notice and this would take me over my contract end date of the 18th September and I would be charged pro-rata on out of contract rates for the rest of the period between the 18th and the disconnection date, whilst they disconnect the service)
3. Make sure Plusnet do not disconnect your phone line as you will lose your current phone number - The agent I had a chat with advised that they have to disconnect both of the services as they do not offer a phone only service, I explained earlier that it is imperative that we do not lose our current phone line for emergencies etc.
If it was possible to change over the supply to BT then I would also encounter a loss of service whilst BT connect me, this could be any number of days as nobody knows how long a piece of string is
If I go down the Plusnet way of thinking I would lose my current number which I have had for years and I would also lose my broadband which if you know anybody with a special needs child like our son they love watching TV on their iPad, how do you explain to a child that does not understand you that he cannot watch TV as the telecoms companies do not care.
So to summarise, BT advise to keep my current phone number and for them to be able to handle the transfer of a FTTP broadband line they need Plusnet to disconnect ONLY the Broadband but not the Phone Line other I lose the phone line, make sense so far..!!. Plusnet advise they cannot do this and I need to speak to BT so they can arrange for the transfer of both services to take place, BT advise they cannot take over the service as it is active with Plusnet, Plusnet advise need to give them two weeks notice of which I will be charged out of contract prices during the disconnection process of which they will cancel both services as they cannot supply a phone only service.
As you can see I am going round in circles and all because BT and Plusnet albeit being part of the same group of companies do not talk to each other when it comes to something as simple as a customer transfer for broadband and telephone.
All I want is to keep my telephone number of ************, change to BT on a good deal, have no loss in service and get on with my life
Please surely somebody can help me
BT Complaint Reference #190909-******
Plusnet Complaint ref: ?????? Was not able to raise one due to being terminated during an chat with an agent called " [CSA Removed]", I asked him to get a manager to call me back but he gave me a telephone number and disconnected the chat, that how Plusnet deal with customers
At least with BT you can log a complaint online.
Frustrating regards
Mr Davies


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Re: Problems with Fibre Transfer (FTTP) from Plusnet to BT

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Re: Problems with Fibre Transfer (FTTP) from Plusnet to BT


Hi @mobycat


I'm aware that my colleague Matt has picked this up for you via another social media route - I'll ask him to respond to the points you've made via your ticket (here) when he's in the office from 1:30pm onwards.


Best wishes



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Re: Problems with Fibre Transfer (FTTP) from Plusnet to BT

It is somewhat unfortunate that the industry has not established agreed methods for migrating FTTP services between ISPs. The GPL processes applied to ADSL and FTTC services do not apply to FTTP. One does wonder how Ofcom managed to make such a gaff here?

Your communication to the CEOs seems to have omitted the critical piece of information that this is a FTTP service, which sits this issue outside of the standard rule book. This is truly odd ball space as FTTP is not dependent upon having a POTS phone service ... beyond administration.

Hopefully the forum guys will find a pragmatic solution quickly. Given that you will need to move the phone service, one potential solution within your own control is to move the phone service to another provider first.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.