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Pre 1st Visit Questions

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Pre 1st Visit Questions

Hi, I have a couple of questions of which I cannot find answers to anywhere on Google or these forums. My questions are as follow:


Here's the setup to my question:-

My house is 2 years old, the developer (Bellway) refused to pay for fibre infrastructure to be installed so we had copper to the property. We have since had many arguments with the local council, BT Openreach and Bellway and as of recent times, Openreach have upgraded our new road to FTTP (HOORAY!). Our cable entry to the property is underground and to the left hand side of the front door, our study (where the current master socket for the internet is installed) is on the right hand side of the front door (and is cat 5e cable between the master socket and outside junction box).

My question:-

As I do not want cables being run in through my house, can I install ducting from the junction box on the external wall, under the ground (complying with fibre ducting/containment regulations) and install a smooth route to the inside of the study wall to the right hand side of the door? Does the fibre cable HAVE to go straight through the wall behind the new optical junction box?

I have included a picture to help paint a picture.



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Re: Pre 1st Visit Questions


The cable does not have to enter at the JB point, when my FTTP was installed the existing entry point and JB were at the opposite end of the house (bungalow) from my computer room the engineer ran the cable externally from the JB around the house under the eaves and through the wall to within a metre from my router.

You can have the entry up to 30 metres from the JB, I am sure if you provide nice ducting the engineer would be more than happy to run the cable through it to your preferred point of entry providing it is straight forward..

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Re: Pre 1st Visit Questions

thanks Hobo, I have done this so hopefully on Tuesday he'll do this for me. I'm an electrician so I've made it as easy as possible by keeping the ducting straight, putting a draw cord in and drilling the hole into my house. I hope he's impressed Smiley I'll also help him pull it in.


Thanks again.

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Re: Pre 1st Visit Questions

Fingers crossed the installation goes well, I'm a bit of jealous that I can't get FTTP at my address.

Let us know how you get on.

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