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Possibility of FTTP?

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Possibility of FTTP?

My local exchange (Netherend) is currently being upgraded for FTTC. However, I'm on an exchange-only line which I've been told won't be upgraded (all my near neighbours are in the same situation). I've been moaning to our BDUK body (fastershire) for a while, but they won't say what their plans for exchange-only lines are.
However, they have blown the fibre through the ducts past my house, and I spoke to the engineers that were jointing the cable. I'd assumed that the fibre was the backhaul to/from the exchange since there isn't any other obvious reason for the fibre to be there. They told me that there were plans for a "node" in the large manhole just outside my house.
Now, they didn't say what type of "node", but I wondered whether it could possibly be a distribution node for FTTP to serve the nearby cluster of homes and businesses? Does that sound possible/likely? If not what else could it be?
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Re: Possibility of FTTP?

Unfortunately all I can really suggest is keeping an eye on for WBC FTTP or FTTC Undecided
Unless your BDUK body can give you any more information/confirmation. Even then I'd take it with a pinch of salt Roll_eyes
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