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Poor speed after profile updated

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Poor speed after profile updated

Hi I'm Ross,  one week into the fibre trials...  my adsl profile was reset the day after installing and since I jumped to 20mb,  from 2.5mb on copper,  it seems stable at 20 but doesn't seem to go higher it also seems symmetrical with the upload speeds.  I have the 80mb package so would expect to see closer to 80,  I appreciate I'm still in the training period as it's only been a week or so but yet to see it rise so I'm not sure if this would be considered normal  at this point or if there might be a problem,  and ideas?    Thanks. 
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Re: Poor speed after profile updated

There no such thing as a training period either on FTTP or FTTC. It is full speed as soon as BT and Plusnet set up the account, so it looks like something is wrong.
What does the Plusnet data speed say at ?
What speed do you get from
Are you testing over Ethernet or wireless?  (always test via Ethernet)
What router are you using?
What machine are you testing from? If a Windows PC, is your network adaptor okay in the "Device Manager" and in Network Connections  under "adaptor status", what is the speed setting?
Also which version of the OS are you running?

Just a few things to look at from the top of my head and if those are okay, looks like a fault to report.
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