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Poor signal around the house

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Poor signal around the house

We joined Plusnet from BT last month and ever since we have had issues in many rooms. Poor signal, lagging, pixilated on FaceTime, cutting out etc… What can I do about it? My kids are driving me mad complaining about it.

We’re on the 145mb fast broadband. We were better off on 75mb with BT.

We’ve even bought a booster and my sons signal is still awful in his bedroom.
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Re: Poor signal around the house

What happens if you use the BT router?

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Re: Poor signal around the house

Try doing a speed test using a PC or laptop directly wired into the router.  If that is as fast as it should be, it’s a wi fi issue.

Could be the Hub2 is using a different channel for the WiFi than your old BT router and there is a conflict. 

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Poor signal around the house

Hi there JulieD42, 


I'm sorry that you're having issues with your WiFi, if you like I can log into the router from here and make some changes which should fix that for us. I just needed to get your approval first as it will cause the wireless signal to drop out temporarily for about two minutes. 


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 Adam Walker
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