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Please can somebody help activating the FTTP service with openreach!

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Registered: ‎18-10-2022

Please can somebody help activating the FTTP service with openreach!

I have an open question on my account that i am having frustrations with to put it mildly. I will very briefly outline what the issue is here, and i just want somebody to help me and not fob me off with false promises.


I moved into a newbuild in July, informed PN of the move, and upgraded to a new FTTP service. Upon the activation date, it activated and the service was working, so far all good. This is where it ends sadly from a positive note. About 3 weeks after the move, we was told of a billing issue affecting the account, and it had become broken, so we needed to create a new account. So we created a new account, and a new router was sent. We were promised the £30 upfront payment back which we never received for the 'new account'


Anyway, fast forward to 10th October, and we had been charged an early termination fee for an account the PN said needed to be closed! obviously i rang unhappy, and got the money back through my bank and told PN to shut the old account down immediately. On the Wednesday, we receive a text from Open Reach indicating that our ISP had advised them of a change to the services which we thought was the transition to the old account. How wrong we were! At midnight on the 14th October, our internet connection stopped, and we have had no internet since.


We have since found out that the cease order request got stuck in open reaches systems, and they had to do some routing to bring the ONT ready for service again, as initially the cease order created a data misalignment issue meaning any ISP searching for my address for a new order would not bring up any results and therefore think that FTTP wasn't available in my area. I was even told by PN to 'try BT' on one phone call, showing a complete lack of understanding for the situation!


THe question on my account is now with PN escalations, who have since been working with OR to bring  the ONT back for service. My address is now being recognised again thankfully, and open reach have said that the ont is ready for service, but now they are having issues with the line test which is not passing, and is 'having to be rebuilt on their systems. That was last monday, fast forward to Friday, and was told that it still wasn't passing and was pushing for the work to be completed by that day, and the PN advisor said it 'may roll into tomorrow'.


So today, i am STILL left with no internet on my FOURTH week due to an issue that was PN's fault in the first place. I have asked for an update today, but so far no phone call has been made to me. I have tried calling numerous times, and i am literally at my whit's end now with the whole situation.


Can somebody please look into this, and come back to me and get this sorted out. I would have left this company long ago had i thought it would have resolved my no internet issue sooner.