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New build with FTTP

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New build with FTTP

Recently moved to a new build and I have FTTP connection and wondering if you can still get FTTP service through Plusnet as I’m aware it suppose to be only a trail ?

Any advice would be appreciated as I’m aware BT only option at the moment.
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Re: New build with FTTP


The PlusNet FTTP Trial was closed to new applicants last year. Currently they do not offer a commercial service. If you are a PlusNet user I'm afraid you'll have to change ISP's.


There are a few FTTP providers. BT & Zen Internet are the two main ones I know about. A smaller provider is


Sky I believe are prepping a FTTP service and there are other smaller ISP's in the market.




Edit : If you have a phone line as well as FTTP then of course you can stay with PlusNet.

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Re: New build with FTTP

Hi there. 

I'm afraid as Brian has said we've closed our FTTP trial in July 2018 which means that we'll be placing no new FTTP orders. Apologies for any disappointment this causes. If you need any further advice please feel free to let us know.

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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