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New Style ONT

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New Style ONT

OpenReach appear to be introducing a new style of ONT. Certainly far neater than the old installation.


In the attached picture my install is constrained for space so the units are closer together than normal. I also have two circular "Light Dims" covering LED's which take out about 60% of the light. My neighbour has a strip covering the blue light on the Hub One!!!


Note that in the newer install the fibre optic cable came through the original phone line "hole" so no drilling through walls was required. This can be done occasionally but wasn't possible for either myself or my neighbour even although the entry point was beside the phone socket.



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Re: New Style ONT

Looks good! I just need FTTP On Demand changing to WBC FTTP for my house and I'll be set. Cheesy

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Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: New Style ONT


Poor Gandalf!.

"But you work for PN!"