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New FTTP Install - Slow Download Speeds

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Registered: ‎01-10-2014

New FTTP Install - Slow Download Speeds

Finally gotten my FTTP install complete and it looks like I'm getting some curiously slow download speeds.
ookla and the BT test are showing around 2Mbps down but 20MBs up.
I know there is some initial magic that goes one but any ideas what could be causing this?
Cheers, Dan
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Re: New FTTP Install - Slow Download Speeds

It maybe that Plusnet forgot to increase your Line Speed as shown in the member centre at
It is probably still set to your ADSL speed which limits the downstream but not the upstream.
It is a common issue and needs a Plusnet member of staff to take a minute to set it and then you need to disconnect/connect your session in the router once the speed shows correctly on the above link.
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