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New Build House - FTTP Only

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New Build House - FTTP Only


I've been a long term customer of PN, something like 15 years.  In December I will be moving to a new build property, which only has FTTP and no copper.  I don't need voice service, only internet.  



Is it likely that the trial will conclude by then and it will be a normally offered product, or will I need to get onto the trial?  The obvious issue with getting on the trial will be the fact that I can't signup for ADSL first because there is no copper.  I will already have an account setup on PN systems (current one), which I could ask to be downgraded to "dial-up" only just to get the address correct?



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Re: New Build House - FTTP Only

I suspect you will have to apply for the trial, there is no sign that FTTP is going to be a standard product but that could change. If you have a PlusNet broadband account at your current address you can request a house move which will allow the transfer to FTTP at you new property. You will need help from the staff on this forum to do this, don't attempt to order through the normal support channels as you will probably be told there is no service available at your new address. When you are nearer the time of your move post on this forum to get the staff involved.


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Re: New Build House - FTTP Only

Hi Mark, what I would advise is near the time is to get in contact with us and we can look at options and if need be sign you up on the trial but put your new address on the order.


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Re: New Build House - FTTP Only


OK, so things have changed since the weekend - PlusNet have to-day announced the closure of the FTTP Trial to new applicants at the end of July (see separate thread).


It does appear that they may be prepping for the launch of a commercial FTTP service but there is no detail or timescale to this.