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New 500mbps package, bad speeds?

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New 500mbps package, bad speeds?


Just after some advice really.

So today have changed over from BT 150 to Plusnet 500, got the text saying changed over so went on the router and entered in the pppoe details. Straight away all my devices start coming online again so that a good start. Problem is, when I run a speed test I’m getting like 5/10mbps max. Not a hardware issue from what I can tell, as yesterday I was running same router and getting the full 150mbps on the same device (Ethernet is the same also).

Is there like a delay for the full speeds to start working?

Unable to test the plus net router as due to RM strikes they haven’t delivered it yet, although I had no intention of using it as I have my own router (nighthawk r7000 running ddwrt)

Any advice is appreciated!

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Re: New 500mbps package, bad speeds?








I went from bt 50 to plusnet 500


Bt finished around midnight and when I awoke later and swapped modems I got the full 500 straightway 


Give them a ring, was always impressed with plusnet support which is why I came back
































































































































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Re: New 500mbps package, bad speeds?


It might be your account didn't update properly or changed overnight. Re-boot your router to see if that makes a difference.


If not, you'll need to either phone support or wait for a staffie to come along here.



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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New 500mbps package, bad speeds?

Hey there @Robert__1997


Has the speed improved at all?

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