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Moving house - want to move FTTP over aswell

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Moving house - want to move FTTP over aswell

after calling a few times on the issue of moving my FTTP or changing to FTTC at my new property I've been told to come here.
The guy I spoke to said that the general move office doesn't handle any FTTP related things but he said that apparently I'd have to resubmit a trial application? Im still kind of confused as to whats going on as ive also been told that FTTC is available and would be a quick switch, Is there a phone number i can ring to speak to the fiber team directly?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Moving house - want to move FTTP over aswell

Hi rywcyd, welcome to the forums!
The only time I'd advise moving house straight on to FTTP would be if there was an existing ONT that we could activate the services on however, I've just checked the new address that was left on a ticket on your account and unfortunately there isn't an existing ONT there.
In this case, I'd recommend going through the housemove on ADSL and then upgrading back to FTTP after.
Although there may be no problems with getting FTTP installed at the new address, I have seen a couple that have taken close/in excess of 12 months to get installed. I think it's safe to say that no one would want to be left without broadband for that long during a house move.
I'm not sure why you've been advised that FTTC is available, because that's not the case judging from the availability shown at
On the bright side, the speed estimates for ADSL at your new address look fairly decent Wink
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