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I want to switch from BT FTTP

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I want to switch from BT FTTP

Hi.  Posted this question elsewhere, didnt realise there was a dedicated forum for FTTP stuff.


Read some of the existing topics and none the wiser, so this is a repost form the fibre forum->
I posted last year asking if it was possible to join the Plusnet FTTP trial, in the end stuck with BT after they agreed not to put my prices up.  It was still more expensive than Plusnet but I stuck by them due to the uncertainty of potential downtime or other unforseen delays in trying to move over.


Well its 12 months later and BT are now planning to charge me £50+ per month for infinity 1 (started at £36 per month for everything!), just wondering what the current status is for people looking to switch fttp providers with the equipement already in place?
Any words of advice from other ex BT customers?

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Re: I want to switch from BT FTTP

Just to quickly add.  The potential for downtime between switches isnt such a big deal for me these days as I do almost no work from home now, so I am 100% commited to dumping BT for good this time round IF the switch to fttp eventually is possible.


edit- Also I havent had a telephone plugged into my copper connection for 3 years, not one phonecall, mobile only, so eventually I would like to have fttp only but I'm willing to cross that bridge when it comes.  Just need to know what steps I have to take to get there.  At the moment I am being expected to pay £612 for the next year with BT, looking around this forum and the plusnet website, even with activation fees I highly doubt I'll approach that figure but the longer the whole process drags out the more expensive its likely to be.


From what I can tell I need to-

Contact Plusnet and order an ADSL package (do I need to cancel BTright away?  I dont want 2 weeks of no internet!)

Cancel my BT contract asap

Apply for the fttp trial as an ADSL plusnet customer

then wait?


edit2- A year ago when I last phoned plusnet, the guy on the phone had little interest in advising me get what the best deal for my circumstances (ie, only wanting broadband short term to try and get on the fibre trial as quickly as possible) and was obviously angling to get me to sign up with a long term deal with him.

Its not their fault but they also couldnt tell me what would happen in the switch process given I dont have a copper broadband service to switch to plusnet, the conversation went along the lines of -

"So would you like to transfer your broadband and phone services to plusnet?'

'Yes if its cheaper, but I have fttp, I know I wont be able to switch to the plusnet trial straight away but I want a rolling contract for broadband until I can.  If you dont think I'll ever get on the trial I dont want to do the switch'

'So you want to switch broadband but you currently dont have broadband?'

'Something like that, I dont want to be on the copper broadband forever'

'fiber isnt available to you sir'

'I'm using it right now but I want a broadband package, will my infinity deal with bt be cancelled as part of the switch?  eventually I want to get on a deal that doesnt include phonecalls'

'thats impossible sir, fiberr isnt available on your line'


So to give me a heads up before ringing in the morning could somebody whos been through the process before let me know what the best plusnet package to sign up for would be so I can ask for it straight off the bat?

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Re: I want to switch from BT FTTP

There's not much point trying to do what you want over the phone as there are very few PN staff trained to deal with FTTP, and many do not seem to know about the trial.  The reason you were previously told "fibre isn't available to you" is because the PN checker does not recognise FTTP availability as they do not sell it as an official product.

You've pretty much answered your own questions regarding the ordering process to get on the FTTP trial, i.e. order an ADSL service to become a PN customer, then apply for the FTTP trial.  The official route is via the FTTP trial link.

These two threads seem pertinent to your situation;


Is this the Best Place to Ask



BT FTTP service still active



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Re: I want to switch from BT FTTP


As you are coming across from BT, here is a thread which may answer your queries

BT to Plusnet FTTP Migration Thread

Ex - Plusnet Customer (2009 - 2023) now with BT
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: I want to switch from BT FTTP

Welcome to the community forums @marketraisen... Or at least, welcome back Smiley


If you're leaving BT while in contract due to a price increase, it puts a little more pressure on time frames of when your service with them needs to end and I can't really comment much on how they'd deal with that in an FTTP to ADSL migration to another provider.


If you'd be looking to move to FTTP only with no phone line, I'd recommend signing up initially to a non-contract option for ADSL, although it's a little more expensive on the broadband side of things, it would mean you're not in a phone contract so you could arrange for that to be ceased sooner.


Once we've taken over the phone line and provided ADSL on it, you'd be able to sign up to the FTTP trial over at

Following this, feel free to give me a nudge over here on the forums and I'll get that picked up for you. As you'll already have an existing ONT, it should be a fairly quick turnaround to get you back on FTTP providing all goes well. (FTTP has a 1 working day lead time when there's an existing ONT)


In terms of offers in the long term, I'm sorry to say that we don't currently have any offers for broadband only packages or non contracted options. While you'd be welcome to sign up to a phone and fibre package and re-contract on the fibre package, I wouldn't advise this if you're looking to drop the phone line as well.


I hope this helps, however if I've missed anything or you have any other questions, let me know Thumbs_Up

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