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How much higher are FTTC predictions on the17a Profile?

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How much higher are FTTC predictions on the17a Profile?

We recently moved house, and as part of the process, I grabbed a whole load of FTTC speed predictions, to work out where to move to.
Luckily, I kept all that data, because I can now use that data to compare to the new speed predictions for the 17a profiles. So I grabbed the new data last week, when the results were capped to 40/20, and compared them...
Here are the scatter graphs for the downstream and upstream changes.

(Yes, I checked through the original data. There were indeed no predictions between 15 and 25 Mbps)

These were postcode predictions, so aren't entirely accurate. I graphed the points where the old prediction mapped to a new prediction. Where the predictions gave a range, I've mapped the old & new minimums as one point, and the old & new maximums as another point. Where there were a lot of identical mappings, I've made the point size larger.
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