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Halved speed…

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Halved speed…

I just wanted to have agreed internet plan which all parties would be fine adhering to, turns out this isn’t the case. After agreeing to a full fiber 145 for a reasonable fee, a few weeks went by and it was quality. 


however. It turns out my Estimated download speed: 145 - 160Mbps is more like 70mbps, now people. Im all for a little sway each way. This is more like flipping the boat over in a riptide…can I at least have an answer as to why my speed is nearly halved?

Thanks I guess. 


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Re: Halved speed…

@Creed01 This is probably a BT/OR network problem, especially if it has suddenly happened. Unfortunately, I can't offer an explanation or solution, but I have asked for the topic to be moved to the Full fibre board, where someone may be able to help.

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Re: Halved speed…

What makes you think it has?

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Re: Halved speed…

Moderators Note

This topic has been moved from Broadband to Full Fibre

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Re: Halved speed…


With Full Fibre you should get close to the advertised speed over a wired connection.


If you're not getting said speed then there's a network / account problem somewhere.



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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Halved speed…

Hey there @Creed01 and a warm welcome to the forum.


There is an issue on VLAN according to the tests so I have raised this over to OR and they should fix it within 72 hours but I will keep an eye on it for you Smiley

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